德甲联赛竞猜 is a public accounting, consulting and technology firm in the U.S. with offices around the world and $926 million in revenue for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. The firm and its affiliates have more than 4,440 personnel in 37 offices. 马克贝尔 他于2021年担任公司首席执行官(CEO). 布伦达托雷斯 serves as the firm’s chief operating officer (COO).

德甲联赛竞猜 serves clients worldwide as an independent member of 德甲联赛竞猜全球, one of the largest global accounting networks in the world. The network consists of more than 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms in more than 130 countries around the world.

德甲联赛竞猜 is currently ranked the ninth largest accounting firm in the U.S.,根据 今天会计.

德甲联赛竞猜被专业和商业协会评为最佳工作场所之一, human resource organizations and local and national media. 德甲联赛竞猜 is a Great Place to Work-certified company. 

The firm continues its tradition of a strong financial services practice. 目前, 德甲联赛竞猜 ranks first nationally in the number of audits performed for publicly traded financial institutions,根据 S&P全球市场情报.

德甲联赛竞猜 is currently ranked fourth on the top accounting firms for 建设 companies list published by 建设行政


今年4月,马克·贝尔(马克贝尔)接替德甲联赛竞猜担任首席执行官,并任命布兰达·托雷斯(布伦达托雷斯)担任首席运营官. New members to their executive team include Simon Riley, 首席战略和转型官, 雷Calvey, 首席财务官, 和克里斯·古德曼, 首席营销官.

除了, Nicole Bencik was named managing partner of tax; Chad Kellar was named managing partner of advisory; and Tony Klaich was named managing partner of markets and industries. 可以看到整个领导团队 在这里.

5月, 德甲联赛竞猜 was identified as a Pacesetter in the report, “ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research: M&一个德甲联赛竞猜2021 - 2022,” ranking among leading multiservice firms for bringing together integrated mergers and acquisitions core offerings.

克里斯·古德曼(Chris Goodman)于今年5月加入德甲联赛竞猜领导团队,担任首席营销官.

7月, 德甲联赛竞猜 welcomed the personnel of Upaya – The Solution 公司., a firm with expertise in cloud consulting. 作为这笔交易的一部分,该公司在菲律宾马尼拉建立了一家子公司.

7月, 德甲联赛竞猜 was named a Market Leader in Legal Operations in the report, “ALM Pacesetter Research: Legal Departments - Legal Operations 2021-2022,” ranking among leading multiservice firms for bringing together their multiple service lines to provide clients with a strategic legal operations approach.

德甲联赛竞猜 established a Syracuse office when the personnel of Spark.橙色, 一家专门从事Salesforce云解决方案的技术和德甲联赛竞猜公司, 我在十月份加入了这家公司.


克劳推出了克劳蜂巢, a social network for healthcare professionals to interact and collaborate in a safe and trusted digital environment.

已经连续三年了, 德甲联赛竞猜被提名为享有盛誉的《德甲联赛竞猜》100家最适宜工作的公司之一.

3月, the firm released the free 德甲联赛竞猜 Pandemic Response app to help clients manage risk and compliance across multiple jurisdictions while simultaneously protecting their workforce.

今年4月,克里斯•米切尔(Chris Mitchell)被任命为该公司首位首席多元化官. 在这个新角色中, Mitchell is responsible for driving an innovative and programmatic agenda to support a culture of 包容 in line with the firm’s vision and strategy.

5月, the firm introduced the 德甲联赛竞猜 PPP Loan Forgiveness Platform for Lenders, which helps lenders manage the complexities of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness process.

2020年6月,Wendy Cama被任命为德甲联赛竞猜审计德甲联赛竞猜管理合伙人.

德甲联赛竞猜获得了著名的2020/2021年度微软商业应用核心圈. Membership in this elite group is based on sales achievements that rank 德甲联赛竞猜 in the top echelon of the Microsoft’s Business Applications global network of partners.

德甲联赛竞猜 launched the 德甲联赛竞猜 Business Challenges Survey, 这是一个追踪高管对疫情情绪的研究项目, 经济, 政府, 社会问题, 选举和商业韧性. 该公司在春季、夏季和秋季的报告中强调了这些发现.


在这十年里, 德甲联赛竞猜 began practicing under the name 德甲联赛竞猜 LLP, 推出全新品牌平台, and reorganized its risk consulting services and its performance consulting services under one umbrella. The firm also added two new C-suite roles: Chief data science officer and chief information security officer.

除了, 德甲联赛竞猜 continued its focus on growing nationally and globally, 在萨克拉门托增加办公室, California; San Francisco; downtown Dallas; Washington D.C.; St. 路易; Miami; Simsbury, 康涅狄格; Burlington, 佛蒙特州; Cayman Islands; Boston; London; Denver; San Jose, California; downtown Los Angeles; and Houston.

德甲联赛竞猜 invested heavily in innovation by means of new product development and merger and acquisitions. 该公司还与陈医疗(现为德甲联赛竞猜 医疗保健 Risk 咨询)合并了资源.

该公司首次登上了著名的《德甲联赛竞猜》2018年最适宜工作的100家公司榜单. 多年来,克劳还入选了《德甲联赛竞猜》杂志(Fortune)编制的其他几个榜单, including: best workplaces in consulting and professional services, 适合女性的最佳工作场所, best workplaces for recent college graduates, 千禧一代的最佳工作场所, best workplaces for parents and best workplaces for giving back.


By 2019, 德甲联赛竞猜 had consolidated revenue of $951.900万人,4,568人,39个办事处.

4月1日起, 德甲联赛竞猜 reorganized its Risk 咨询 practice and its Performance 咨询 practice under one umbrella as 德甲联赛竞猜 咨询, 由校长乔希·科尔领导.

德甲联赛竞猜被认定为FY20微软商业应用核心圈合作伙伴. 这个列表代表了微软商业应用组中所有组织中排名前1%的组织.

In response to its growing and expanding services in Texas and the south, 德甲联赛竞猜 opened its first office in Houston in October.

10月, Rex Voorheis was named the firm’s first chief information security officer and Steve Strammello was named the firm’s new chief risk officer.

德甲联赛竞猜和Thomson Reuters宣布了一项战略合作,即K-1 Analyzer工具, 协助税务专业人员处理附表K-1表格所涉及的繁重手工工作. The tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to read, extract and analyze K-1 data from front to back, 包括报表和披露.


As part of its yearlong 75th anniversary celebration, the firm challenged its personnel to volunteer 75,在他们的社区里度过了000个小时, 哪一年的志愿者工作时间是前一年的两倍多. 在挑战结束时,德甲联赛竞猜的工作人员已经超过了预期,志愿工作了82000小时.

德甲联赛竞猜 and the Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) at 普渡大学理工学院 宣布 establishment of the Purdue-德甲联赛竞猜 Digital Risk Collaboratory, which 提供资助及政府资助的研究机会, 双方在一些德甲联赛竞猜客户项目和德甲联赛竞猜上合作.

On June 4, the firm began practicing under the new name, 德甲联赛竞猜 LLP. 同时, 陈医疗, 已经是德甲联赛竞猜的一部分了, became 德甲联赛竞猜 医疗保健 Risk 咨询 有限责任公司. 国际会计网络德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath international更名为德甲联赛竞猜全球.

5月, as part of its continued investment in technology and data, 德甲联赛竞猜 named its first chief data science officer.

1月, TRU8的人员, 在RSA Archer平台上拥有丰富的专业知识和经验的风险咨询公司, 加入了德甲联赛竞猜. 在12月, 德甲联赛竞猜收购了资产优化集团, 有限责任公司(AOG), a healthcare technology and consulting firm specializing in a data-driven approach to asset management, 从Hylant组, 公司. 也在12月, the firm welcomed the personnel from Sixred, an award-winning software consultancy specializing in cloud-based enterprise solutions from Oracle NetSuite, 自适应的见解, Avalara和Dell Boomi.


The firm established its first office in Denver when the personnel of 德甲联赛竞猜 GHP Horwath (GHP)加入了德甲联赛竞猜. SDGblue的人员, 有限责任公司, 位于列克星敦, 肯塔基州, and San Francisco-based Rowbotham International also 加入了德甲联赛竞猜 in 2017. 该公司在加州圣何塞和洛杉矶市中心开设了新的办事处. 


德甲联赛竞猜 unveiled a new brand platform: 聪明的决定 today. 明天持久的价值. 新品牌是基于市场调查和对公司文化的分析而创建的, 包括其管理理念, 核心价值观及愿景, 也 as existing client and people engagement feedback.

该公司建立了一个波士顿地区的办公室时,AbleBridge, 公司 .的人员., a software company that specialized in industry software solutions built upon the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, 加入了德甲联赛竞猜. 通过收购保险行业风险咨询公司,在伦敦设立了办事处, BaxterBruce.


Jim Powers被选为德甲联赛竞猜的CEO. He named Joe Santucci as 德甲联赛竞猜’s new COO and Derek Bang as the firm’s chief strategy and innovation officer.

德甲联赛竞猜在辛姆斯伯里增加了办事处, 康涅狄格, 和伯灵顿, 佛蒙特州, 当Saslow的人员, Lufkin & 专门为保险行业德甲联赛竞猜的会计公司Buggy也加入了德甲联赛竞猜的行列.

德甲联赛竞猜开曼有限公司在开曼群岛设立办事处., 提供审计德甲联赛竞猜的全资附属机构, 为海外金融界提供会计及商业谘询德甲联赛竞猜, with a focus on investment company and captive insurance entities.


The firm extended its presence in 佛罗里达 when it opened its Miami office.

德甲联赛竞猜 sold its subsidiary Creative Financial Staffing (CFS) 对其员工通过建立员工持股计划.


德甲联赛竞猜将资源与CHAN HEALTHCARE 有限责任公司合并,后者是一家总部位于St. 路易, 密苏里州, 成为美国最大的内部审计和财务咨询德甲联赛竞猜提供商之一.S. 医疗保健行业. (CHAN now operates as 德甲联赛竞猜 医疗保健 Risk 咨询 有限责任公司.)

同年, ExtOrg的专业人士, 微软Dynamics咨询公司,专门从事汽车供应商行业, 加入了德甲联赛竞猜. 作为转变的一部分, 德甲联赛竞猜 also opened a new entity in New Delhi, 印度, w在这里 many of ExtOrg’s professionals reside, establishing the firm’s Technology Center of Excellence and 德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath IT 德甲联赛竞猜 Private Limited.


After serving as 德甲联赛竞猜’s COO for five years, Kevin McGrath became CEO at 德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath International, 7月1日起, 2012. This followed the retirement of former 德甲联赛竞猜 partner and 德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath International CEO Frank Arford.

德甲联赛竞猜 was ranked on the 信息周 500 list for the first time, and made the list again in 2013. 这份名单,由 信息周 杂志, recognized the nation's top 500 innovative business teams that have made notable improvements to how their companies operate through the use of new technologies and models.

德甲联赛竞猜 welcomed the talent of Sacramento-based NewPoint Group, 这是一家为加州州政府和地方政府客户提供德甲联赛竞猜的咨询公司.


公司成立了德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath全球风险咨询公司(德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath GRC), 一家全球性的专业德甲联赛竞猜公司,协助跨国公司进行治理, 风险和法规遵循需求. 除了在美国的业务.S.德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath GRC最初在伦敦、北京、巴黎、多伦多、蒙特利尔和东京设有办事处.

The firm added offices in Sacramento and San Francisco, 当时佩里·史密斯会计师事务所的人加入了德甲联赛竞猜. 德甲联赛竞猜还在达拉斯市中心和华盛顿特区设立了办事处.C.


在这十年里, 通过扩张和合并, 德甲联赛竞猜专注于其战略,成为一个全国性的公司,是全球品牌, adding offices in Chicago; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee; Livingston, New Jersey; Atlanta; Irving, Texas; Los Angeles and Orange County, California; and New York City.

德甲联赛竞猜 invested heavily in innovative solutions during this decade, 也, which included developing the not-for-profit tax solution 德甲联赛竞猜 税 Risk Assessment and Control (C-TRAC), 医疗保健解决方案德甲联赛竞猜 Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA)和贷款人风险评估解决方案, 德甲联赛竞猜导航器. The firm also developed a strong healthcare group and private equity group practice during this time.


By 2009, 德甲联赛竞猜 had consolidated revenue of $575.900万人,2427人,25个办事处.

全球会计网络浩华国际公司更名为德甲联赛竞猜浩华国际公司. 这个新名字结合了豪沃斯品牌的国际知名度与美国.S. awareness of 德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath LLP (德甲联赛竞猜), the network’s largest member firm. 在国际名称更改之前, 德甲联赛竞猜 changed its name in 2008 from 德甲联赛竞猜 Chizek to strengthen its alignment with Horwath International.


查克·艾伦被选为德甲联赛竞猜的首席执行官. Former CEO Mark Hildebrand remained with the firm and stepped into the new role of executive-in-charge of strategic alliances, while maintaining his role as chair of the board of Horwath International. Kevin McGrath was appointed 德甲联赛竞猜’s new COO. 在律所工作了35年, former COO Frank Arford retired from 德甲联赛竞猜 in order to take on a new role as CEO of Horwath International.

德甲联赛竞猜 was first honored as a Microsoft Partner of the Year for the Midwest District and established membership in Microsoft Business Solutions President’s Club.


The 德甲联赛竞猜 Foundation (rebranded the 德甲联赛竞猜 Horwath Foundation for several years) was established and designed to coordinate and better focus the firm’s charitable giving while encouraging and supporting personnel’s volunteer involvement.


通过90年代的扩张和合并, 德甲联赛竞猜 offices were established in Cleveland; Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, 佛罗里达, 路易斯维尔和莱克星顿, 肯塔基州.



Mark Hildebrand was elected CEO, replacing the role of managing partner. 他任命弗兰克·阿尔福德为首席运营官.


德甲联赛竞猜的名字是 公共会计报告 是全国收入最高的十大会计和咨询公司之一. 德甲联赛竞猜 has been named to this list each year since.


罗纳德·年代. 科恩 retired as managing partner of the firm and James H. Naus被选为管理合伙人. 同年,德甲联赛竞猜成立了子公司Creative Financial Staffing 有限责任公司 (CFS). The purpose of CFS was to build a network of certified public accountant firms trained to deliver staffing services as representatives of CFS.


德甲联赛竞猜 became a member of Horwath International, a worldwide organization of accounting and consulting firms. The affiliation provided the firm with local, professional experts located worldwide to aid in providing service to clients with international needs.


通过80年代的扩张和合并, 德甲联赛竞猜 offices were established in Grand Rapids, 密歇根, 橡树溪, 伊利诺斯州和哥伦布, 俄亥俄州.


M. 孟德尔π, one of the firm’s original founding partners, 1982年从管理合伙人的位置退休,由罗纳德·年代. 科恩. Under 科恩, the firm decided to practice in major metropolitan areas.



In 1963, the tax services group was created. In 1966, a second 德甲联赛竞猜 office opened in Elkhart, 印度na. That year the Management 咨询 德甲联赛竞猜 group was created, 后来演变成了今天的绩效德甲联赛竞猜和风险咨询德甲联赛竞猜.

早期(1942 - 1959)

德甲联赛竞猜 Chizek was established in South Bend, 印度na, in 1942 by Fred P. 德甲联赛竞猜老. 和克里特斯F. Chizek. 在此之前,德甲联赛竞猜曾在公共会计部门工作多年,并担任圣. 约瑟夫县审计. Chizek was head of the accounting department at the University of Notre Dame and worked part time in public accounting. When it was first established, the firm had a single office in South Bend.

1952年克劳死后, 奇泽克将公司重组为德甲联赛竞猜公司, 奇泽克公司和两名公司人员, M. 孟德尔·皮瑟和弗雷德·P. 德甲联赛竞猜小.成为合作伙伴. In 1962, 德甲联赛竞猜的第一个合法合伙人, Chizek and Company was formulated with six founding partners: Chizek, π, 德甲联赛竞猜小.罗伯特W. 绿色,约瑟夫. Bauters和John J. Pairitz. 奇泽克一直担任该公司的管理合伙人,直到1972年退休, 彼瑟接替了他.